Pre-treatment of Municipal WasteWater and Recovery
& Solids Processing from Industrial Discharges

Operating Principle

The SEDIVORTEX unit is installed in a circular concrete tank. The screened effluent enters into the tank by means of a suitable tangential inlet channel. A rotary paddle creates a vortex effect which settles the grit particles to the bottom of the grit trap. Air is blown through a pipe into the base of the airlift system. As this air rises through the central discharge pipe it carries the grit laden with liquid to a grit classifier. The effluent without grit goes out from the outlet channel situated in the upper chamber.


Features anc Components
  • AISI 304-304L or AISI 316-316L
  • Paddle
  • Drive shaft
  • Airlift grit removal system complete with air connection
  • Gearbox
  • Gear housing
  • Electric motor

SEDIVORTEX Installation

The Vortex Grit Removal can be supplied also with grit extraction pump installed out of the effluent instead of air lift grit extractor.

Typical Applications
  • Municipal waste water treatment works
  • Industrial effluent discharges
  • Abattoirs, fish and other food processing plant
  • Process liquor or fluid screening
  • Sludge and scum screening
  • Commercial outlets
  • Stream, brook or pond screening

Product Information