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Decanter Centrifuge

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  • From 4" to 31" Diameter

  • Full torque All the time

  • Infinite speed variance

  • 30% less Energy Consumption

  • Automatic Feed Optimization

  • Automatic Polymer Optimization

Hybrid Drive Technology

Drycake's unique hybrid drive system uses an energy recovery braking system to manage differential speed. The Scroll Torque  from braking is recovered to mechanically assist rotation of the bowl

The Main Motor is responsible for driving the bowl and the initial differential speed.

The Second Motor works acts as a brake on scroll with variable speed order to change differential speed between screw and bowl.

The Braking energy is recovered:

·       Double Electric: Over DC-Bus without encoder

·       Electro-Hydraulic: Mechanically on bowl belt

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Hybridec Electro-Hydraulic.png



100% Made in Italy. Our Centrifuge is made with high quality materials. Our centrifugally cast bowl is built it thicker to operate with significantly less vibration. 


Our centrifuges were designed with ease of maintenance in mind.  It is one of our greatest strengths. 


We have experience in customized machine material and configurations for every industry.

  1. Wastewater: MBR, MMBR, WAS

  2. Biogas: Food Waste, Manure

  3. Food Production

  4. Tailings and Soil Washing

  5. Oil & Gas

  6. Starch Dewatering

  7. Ethanol & Distillery Grain

  8. Sulfur Dewatering


Performance Optimization.png

Our system continuously analyzes and adjusts torque polymer consumption.

No Operator Input Required!


Remote Access.png
Remote Access 2.png

Help is just a click away!​

From the touch screen just click the check mark and our technician will connect to your unit and run diagnostic and adjust setting on machine.


All of our skids are built in our centrifuge manufacturing facility

  • Startup Ready

  • Engineered

  • Fully piped

  • wired

  • Tested prior to shipment

Our centrifuges were designed with ease of maintenance in mind.  It is one of our greatest strengths. 

Open Scroll Construction

Our unique open scroll construction for wear resistance, ease of maintenance, maximal dewatering volume.

  • Higher inlet solids

  • No inlet wear ports

  • Easy to Recondition

  • High G-Volume

2 or 3 Phase

Our centrifuges are available in both  2 or phase configurations

3 phase.png

Relative to a two phase Decanter, a three phase has about 35% of the  capacity.

Solids Scraper

The Solids Sediment Scrapers allows the Decanter Centrifuge to produce a drier cake on higher viscosity products.


Whereas typical centrifuge designs may require washing the solids discharge chamber. The independently driven low RPM Solids Scraper is designed to prevent any clogging on discharge chamber due to high viscosity cake solids.

Complete Plants

Drycake can Engineer and Delivery complete Dewatering Plants Certified to UL and CSA Standard

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