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Drycake has a dedicated After Sales Department headed by one of our principals, Olivier Vanderbeken. Olivier Vanderbeken has been in the company for over 20 years. Our After Sales Team includes over 30 Authorized Service Technicians in America.

From the time of delivery the Project Sales and After Sales departments coordinate to execute on commissioning and punch list close out items. The After Sales Department handles shipping, field technicians during the project phase. This ensures the project is handed off correctly.


Once the project closes, during and after the warranty period, all Parts and Service Tickets are identified by a unique project number for us to follow any persistent or recurring issues. The project manager and applications engineer is consulted on any troubleshooting issues.


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“When we first got the product and installed it ourselves we liked the looks of the product and quality of the products used to make it…the unit has performed superbly.  We love the ease of cleaning and maintenance required to keep it operational”

Kelly Morris, City of Evanston

Devon decided to take on a big challenge and take over operation of its Decanter Centrifuges. Drycake's participation in training and feedback on current operation was invaluable to a smooth transition. It is clear that Drycake cares about the success of its customers

Leigh Ryder, Water Treatment Specialist

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