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Vortex Grit Removal


  • Separation efficiency of 95% removal up to 105microns

  • Up to 50 MGD in a single unit

  • Up t 20ft in Diameter



The SEDIVORTEX grit removal system consists of a group of mixing blades with adjustable inclination that turning create a vortex that promotes the sedimentation of sands (even extremely fine grain sizes). The sands are extracted settled by a pneumatic (airlift), or by a grit pump positioned outside of the hopper. 


From the vortex the grit is further concentrated by a

  • Sedicyclone: hydrocyclone

  • Sedigrit Grit Classifier

  • Sediwash: Grit Washer

The Sedigrit and Sediwash are systems equipped with screw conveyor to discharge the grit into a bin.

Sedivortex flow.png



The wastewater enters and exits the vortex in either a 270 degree or 360 degree configuration. The configuration is largely a matter of plant hydraulic as the travel path residence time of the flow through the vortex is the main driver if grit removal efficiency.


Sedivortex paricles CFD.png

The sedimentation effect is primarily determined by the design of the vortex chamber and the flow trajectory of the wastewater. 


Sedivortex baffle component.png

An inlet ramp is used to feed the vortex from the bottom to induce sedimentation and a baffle system is used to force the flow path and prevent the wastewater to short-circuit the vortex and go directly to the outlet.


Sedivortex Rotor.png

The Rotor is designed with an optimal angle and spins continuously at a low speed to ensure the flow of the vortex

The Lower chamber is equipped with a cover plate with a 3” Gap to allow the grit sedimented on the conical chamber to drop into the lower chamber to enhance the flow trajectory.


The SEDIVORTEX is traditionally installed in a circular concrete tank but may also be installed in a stainless steel tank



Sedivortex CFD Color.png

The performance of the Sedivortex

is validated by a Computational Fluid dynamic model.

With use of the baffle we can reach 95% efficiency for particles over 105 microns.

Our centrifuges were designed with ease of maintenance in mind.  It is one of our greatest strengths. 

Bull Gear

Sedivortex bull gear1.png

The Vortex rotor blade is driven by a bull gear drive rotating 24 hours per day. The Bull gear features a fully contoured raceway hardened to a minimum 58-60 Rc

Grit Extraction and Scouring

Sedivortex hydraulic.png

The Grit Extraction and Scour line runs through a 10" Central Pipe.  

Grit Pump

GormanRupp Self priming.png

The Grit can be extracted by airlift or pump. Most Typically a Grit Pump is requested. Our standard is a Gorman Rupp Self-Priming or Prime Assist Grit Pump

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