ECOTECNO System Benefits:

Ecotecno = Economy & Ecology

The Economy of the proposal

Get more with less, saving from 70 to 90% of the costs incurred each year for disposal, allows a company to increase its own value. This is what Ecotecno offers to the customers, replacing the wastewater pickup by external disposal contractor with an inside automated processing. The wide range of evaporators, available in different heat sources (heat pump, hot water or steam and, the new technology Eco-Optimal Concentration) is the key element for the optimization of costs and results in wastewater treatment.

Ecology of the proposal

Water is the most precious resource to be preserved for humanity. Ecotecno contributes to its preservation and enhancement, with ecological solutions for quite every industrial field.

Guarantee of the result:
How to get the solution and relevant checking

The composition of the wastewater is determined by an infinite range of combinations of pollutants more or less dangerous, which makes crucial to face the problem in a specific and structured manner. For the wastewater treatment, the companies need to rely on sure and guaranteed solutions, which could determine, precisely and in advance, the economic result of the operation. Ecotecno has a calculating device for each type of machine that, considering the quantity of the wastewater to be treated and the reachable concentrations, automatically determines the operating costs. These exemplary calculations are at disposal for potential customers.

That’s why Ecotecno always asks for a sample of the wastewater to be treated and performs laboratory and pilot plant tests by which the result is verified and certified. The offer submitted to the customer will include therefore a specified evaporator, the requested process costs and the results that, after treatment, will be reached. Everything is defined and reliable in terms of technical performances and economic expectations. Ecotecno ensures the achievement of objectives.

After-Sales Service

A comprehensive range of innovative, fast and smart services, to support the customer after the sale, like remote assistance to review and monitor the parameters of the system, or direct management of the system, to always assure high standards of service by maximizing the customer’s with the advantage of one referent only

The Benefits of Ecotecno System
  1. Reduction of labour costs since the process is automatic starting from wastewater inlet to clean water and concentrate outlet
  2. Reliability of the performances reachable with your wastewater, since they’re predefined with a pilot plant of the same typology of the plant which will be submitted to you
  3. Best results in terms of environmental protection, both in relation to the outdoor and to your company’s personnel.
  4. Compared with other systems and solutions, you will get better results as distillate
  5. The best process will be defined considering the temperature/pressure combination, so to achieve the concentrate/distillate separation without changing the original quality and making the same reusable in the process
  6. Ensuring the steadiness of the process, which saves time and costs on the controls of the analysis by external laboratories
  7. Drastic reduction and in some cases, elimination of the use of chemical additives
  8. High performances and reduced energy consumption, thanks to the use of technology applications (multi-effect recycle system, energy recovery, etc.)
  9. Automatic control of the performances, by means of a control panel with functional keys and colour touch screen, user-friendly even for first-time operators
  10. Intervention by remote diagnostics and management of the evaporator via remote servicing
  11. Safe operation of the system for elimination of objective risks for the safety of workers or of people working nearby the evaporator
  12. Resolutions of the problems relating to encrusting and /or extraordinary maintenance, thanks to a programming of the automatic cleaning, present on all Ecotecno evaporators.
The evolution of a technology

The research and development of new processes in Ecotecno systems is, since always, the focus of the Company policy.

Thanks to the close relationship with its customers, Ecotecno offers numberless application solutions, so different for performance and process, to companies having to face daily with treatment of always more and more difficult and complicated wastewaters, resulting of the evolution of modern industrial technologies.

The collaboration with Universities and R&D Centres, as well as the financing on prototype plants, contribute to the development of expertises required to solve the treatment processes saving costs by using renewable energy (that can be integrated and replaced with clean energy), what Ecotecno has already tested with excellent results.

Environment and Ecotecno

Attention to the environment is one of the challenges of our time, necessary to improve our quality of life, taking responsibility and commitment for future generations.

Ecotecno has the ambitious aim to develop wastewater treatment processes that may combine ecology with cost savings. The use of energy generated inside the system, using renewable sources, allow us to reach, with our clients, the Zero Discharge target, by respecting the environment and the eco-system.