DRYCAKE Separators are high speed and high efficiency. Separators offer great liquid-liquid separation efficiency and a clearer centrate than a traditional Decanter Centrifuge.

Separators have a lower solids and hydraulic loading capacity than a Decanter Centrifuge. They are therefore used primarily for liquid-liquid separation with low solids loading and centrate quality is important or to polish the centrate of a Decanter Centrifuge.

DRYCAKE Separators can be supplied as standalone units or as a packaged system with our Decanter Centrifuge. DRYCAKE Separators can also be supplied with Clean In Place functionality for industrial production processes. Sludge thickeners are widle used in many wastewater and water treatment plants. They are generally placed before filter presses, belt presses, and centrifuges to achieve higher sludge concentration before final dewatering.


POS. Description
1 Sludge inlet
2 Heavy Phase Outlet
3 Light Phase Outlet
4 Solids Discharge
5 Water Inlet Group
7 Heavy Phase pump
8 Light Phase pump
9 Feed pipe
10 Distributor
11 District
12 Solids Chamber

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