SEDIGRIT Grit Classifier

Cost-effective Grit Sand and Sediment Removal

DGC Grit and Sand Classifier offer a simple, cost-effective solution to removing grit and sand from process flows or waste water discharges. It can be applied to, industrial processing, paper mills, abattoirs, food processing, refineries, etc, for either recovery or removal purposes, or to waste flows for providing protection to downstream mechanical equipment in addition to improving the performance and reliability of drainage systems.

DGC Grit and Sand Separators consist of a shaft-less spiral screw conveyor and hopper. Effluent flows into the hopper where the grit and sand settles out. Settled minerals and silt are then conveyed and dewatered prior to being disposed into a container. The screw conveyor can include mineral washing to remove organic matter.

Operating Principle

Process liquors or waste effluent discharges into the top of the hopper. Settlement of grit and sand contained in the flow then takes place with sufficient retention for variations of particle settling velocities to attain > 80 % removal of 0.20 mm (200 μm) size mineral particles*. Floatable solids including suspended organic matter will be drawn with the waste water and eventually discharge to the outlet whilst accumulated grit, sand and sediments will be conveyed by the spiral screw conveyor above the water level and then dewatered prior to disposal.

FILWASH may be fitted to the screw conveyor to wash organic matter from the mineral surface prior to dewatering and discharging into a container. Removal of organic matter > 50 % is attainable*.

The option of continuous bagging systems are available to receive the mineral and can be sealed without any personal contact. Where odours are an issue, continuous bagging systems can be used to abate odour nuisance.

Enhanced performance efficiencies to > 95 % removal of 0.20 – 0.25 mm (200 μm – 250 μm) size grit particles and organic matter removal of > 97 % can be achieved with DGW Grit Washers or DCO Combined Systems.

SEDIGRIT Specifications
Flow Capacities Up to 36 l/s (130 m³/ h) depending upon effluent and solids contained within the flow
Fabrication: AISI: 304 or 316
Grit Removal Efficiency ≥ 80% grain size ≥ 200μm (0.2 mm)
Volatile organic reduction ≥ 50%
Dewatering efficiency 90% dry residue
Type Inlet Flow
Inlet Flow
DGC30 8 30
DGc80 22 80
DGC100 28 100
DGC130 36 130

Product Information

Typical Applications