ECOTECNO Vacuum Evaporators

The eco-friendly solution for excellence

ECOTECNO is a European provider of wastewater treatment and solids content condensation solutions since 1984. Thanks to the accumulated experience in a variety of industries and applications, ECOTECNO is your ideal partner for tailormade solutions that meet your needs.

ECOTECNO’s wastewater treatment technologies use additive-free methods to separate water from solutions containing dissolved solids, such as: bio-purification, crystallization, membrane filtration, and vacuum evaporation technology. ECOTECNO’s vacuum evaporation technology is the natural process of splitting water from a compound without the use of costly flocculants or corrections, which add to the sludge disposal volume. It is ECOTECNO’s finest flagship product and is recognized as a BAT (Best Available Technology) in the European Directives for waste treatment.

Under vacuum water boils at low temperature, which allows the use of lower quality waste heat. (low pressure steam or hot water) unuseable in other processes.

From the evaporation process, we recover:

The process steps

The waste stream is automatically taken from a storage tank, up to set working level set. The vacuum inside the machine, together with the heat transmitted by the heat exchanger, enables to reach the evaporation of the liquid part at a low temperature.

The process works from hot water alone, no steam required!

The generated steam is condensed again and discharged while the remaining part will be deposited on the bottom of the machine.
By this process, the plant will keep on charging and evaporating, up to reach the set density. The resulting concentrate will be automatically discharged by a pump and, thereon, start a new concentration cycle.