VOMM Dryer: Applications

Sewage Sludge

VOMM's solution is fully flexible: it can be applied to any type of dewatered sludge (centrifuge, belt press and chamber press) in order to obtain any type of dried product with a single passage inside the dryer.

Vomm's solution can bring Dewatered Sludge from 12-35% DS
(centrifuge/beltpress/chamber press) to anywhere between 40-95% DS

The dried sludge can be put to a variety of uses:


Soil Disposal

Landfill Disposal

Other Applications

  • Garbage Organic Fraction
  • Industrial Sludge
  • Animal Blood/ Slaughterhouse Wastes
  • Manure
  • Polluted Soil
  • Hospital Waste
  • Vaccine Production Waste
  • Leachate

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